Landscaping Services

Revitalizing, Repairing, or Laying Down Your Landscape Basics – Call Durham Hill

Durham Hill is here for all of your landscaping needs – big or small. From designing and constructing full outdoor living areas to creating beautiful gardens, peaceful reflection spaces, revitalizing dead or overgrown properties, repairing old hardscape, or simply laying down the basics for your new home (bushes, plantings, etc.), our landscapers will execute a plan meeting your budget and satisfying your landscape desires.

Maybe you only wish to incorporate new trees, bushes, flowers, or other plants into your landscape. As a former nursery, Durham Hill has experience growing a multitude of different plants, along with a breadth of knowledge of which flower favorites will work best in your area’s characteristics. We have the expertise to pick the perfect plants and trees to meet your landscaping goals and keep your property looking great through every season. Call Durham today to learn more!

Gardens & Reflection Spaces

Garden and Sitting Area Design FranklinYears ago, Durham Hill was a plant nursery. While we no longer grow, we utilize our experience and expertise to pick the best flowers and plants for your garden. From color pallet to season of bloom, you can expect a garden sprouting with beauty come spring, and again in fall. Add even more life to your garden with a water feature, like a small pond, waterfall, or fountain. Whether you have an existing garden or need one installed, we can make your front or backyard a sight to be seen.

Because gardens designed and planted by Durham Hill are so breathtaking, our clients frequently incorporate reflection spaces or sitting areas to accompany them. We can construct stepping paths or small patios to bring comfort and convenience to your garden reflection space. The natural stone used by Durham in our hardscape projects provides a calm feel while complimenting any outdoor furniture set.

Landscape Revitalization

Have a dead, run down, overgrown, or neglected landscape? Residential or commercial property, Durham Hill is your landscaper for revitalization.
When you think revitalization, your yard may not be the first thing to come to mind. But if your property is brown or you simply have overgrown of bushes, trees, and flowers, it needs new life. With Durham Hill, landscape revitalization means a welcoming and lasting first impression on your business’ customers, or an enjoyable space to share with family and friends over the weekend.

Our landscaping experts will evaluate the condition of your property and design a new planting structure meeting the needs of your home or business, as well as your budget. From pulling out dead trees and bushes to planting new ones and implementing flowers and gardens, we will turn your sad, brown yard into a beautiful spectacle people will drive by just to see.

Landscaping Repairs & Solutions

Hardscape Repair Services RacineIf you have damaged landscaping structures in need of repair, call on Durham Hill. Walls, steps, walkways, patios, fences, and everything in between, we will repair it like new or replace it with something better. If age has deteriorated your hardscape, or the initial landscaper did the job incorrectly from the start, you can count on Durham to provide an end result that’s beautiful and reliable.

If your current retaining wall is bulging, cracked, or leaning, it needs to be repaired or replaced before it falls. Noticing water retention problems? If so, we can install a new retaining wall to resolve the issue completely. Call our landscapers to discuss your wall problems and the cost of repair.
Cracked sidewalk or patio?  We’ll handle those repairs too.

Sometimes the problem is larger than normal wear and tear over time. If your original landscaper did the job wrong initially, you’ll begin to see the negative effects after a few years of ground movement – like if your pavers are uneven or their spacing has grown apart. Trust Durham Hill to return your outdoor living space or landscape back to its original glory.

The Basics for Homes

Tree and Bush Planting KenoshaWhile Durham Hill specializes in designing and constructing full outdoor living spaces, we utilize our landscaping expertise to design and implement the “basics” for homes too. The “basics” include the planting and pruning of grass, bushes, trees, flowers, and more. All are designed to complement your unique home and yard while staying within your budget.

Our Landscaping Basics are perfect for newly built homes with only dirt surrounding them, home’s with bland / sparse landscapes (little to no bushes or trees), and homes with overgrown or dead yards in need of revitalization. Make a subtle statement by choosing Durham Hill to enhance your property with reputable landscape design and planting services.

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